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Teeccino Blog

Kelli Touts Teeccino at Weight Watchers!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Kelli has been a Teeccino Ambassador since 2013. Thanks, Kelli!

Kelli has been a Teeccino Ambassador since 2013.

Kelli, an Ambassador since 2013, recently talked about Teeccino and gave samples at a Weight Watchers meeting she organized. Kelli told us:

“Everyone was so excited to try the samples. Some said they were looking for a soothing afternoon – evening way to treat themselves. They liked that unlike coffee, they can drink this anytime of the day. They were also impressed with the flavors. The Vanilla Nut and Chocolate went very fast. We had 22 people at our meeting today.”

“Thank you for again allowing me to share Teeccino with others. I truly enjoy telling people all of the benefits of this product.”

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Kay Keeps On Sharing Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Teeccino Ambassador Event

Another new Teeccino fan – Kay finds them everywhere!

Kay is a holistic health & lifestyle coach based in New York who does many Ambassador events throughout the year. Recently she participated in a Parkchester Community event for the 3rd year. As she had in the past, Kay took along Teeccino to share samples and educated attendees on the benefits of Teeccino. She told us:

“This young lady in particular (pictured left) was interested in trying both the Dandelion Caramel and Chocolate flavors. She was a truly aware/conscious individual who was on a mission to cleanse her insides and green her environment. Yeah to her for being a part of a positive movement and having an open mind!”

Kay also recently told us about a health and wellness event in Long Island, “There was one visitor to the event, Dana, who not only talked the talk, but she walked the walk as well by actually doing what she said she was going to do on that same day. Dana was eager to try Teeccino French Roast because that is how she likes coffee (dark)…”
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The Maya Forest Garden, Ramon Trees and Surviving Climate Change

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

TreeharvestYou may be wondering, “Now what is she going on about?”. Well, if you bear with me, I’d like to tell you about a revolutionary theory that proves that the Maya didn’t destroy their forest as the majority of scholars believe, but survived in an era of climate change and drought by practicing sustainable cultivation of the Maya forest for…eight millennia! Yes, eight thousand years!!

There’s an interesting Teeccino story in here too. It’s the story of how I fortuitously met Anabel Ford, Director of the MesoAmerican Research Center at the University of California in Santa Barbara, on a Saturday morning in our wonderful local farmer’s market. That very morning I was pondering where I could find information about the Maya civilization’s use of ramon seeds, the novel ingredient that is the base of Teeccino’s Maya flavors. It was 2005 and I can tell you that no one in North America was thinking about ramón trees and their seeds except two women who serendipitously happened to live in the same town of Santa Barbara. Both were passionate about preserving this tree that was so important to the Maya and to the rainforest.

As I strolled through booths filled with an abundance of organically grown fruits and vegetables, I was surprised to see in a corner of the market a hand-drawn sign with big letters trumpeting “Maya Coffee”. There were also large photos of ramón trees and a big jar full of their seeds. I stopped in shock. OMG! From a large coffee urn, a blonde-haired woman handed me a cup of ‘coffee’ while earnestly explaining about the benefits of ramón seeds and how the Maya drank them roasted and brewed like coffee!

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Kelly’s Beautiful Baby Shower with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Teeccino samples mommy and baby

Kelly recently became an Ambassador and has done some fantastic events like this one at her work. Kelly’s latest event was a baby shower! She told us all about it in her recent report, and sent in the sweetest pics too –

“It was a baby shower for a friend. I set out the Teeccino samples as party favors, and everyone was excited about picking out some different flavors to take home and try! A couple of the ladies aren’t able to drink caffeinated beverages, so they were excited to find out about this alternative. None of the ladies had ever heard of Teeccino before and were interested in trying it out.”

So wonderful, Kelly! We LOVE the photos you sent and appreciate all the work you put in to presenting Teeccino at this lovely event. Just let us know whenever you want to share Teeccino next… Read More

Brenda’s Blissful Admin’s Day with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

IMG_0520Brenda recently shared Teeccino at the Michigan university where she works, for Administrative Professionals Day. Not only was it the perfect weather for a warm drink, it was an indulgent day for all in attendance! She told us all about it in her recent report –

“There were 65-70 attendees over a period of 3 hours. Along with chair massages, a relaxing coloring station, an opportunity to make an herbal foot soak, and a sugar hand scrub, we offered light refreshments and of course Teeccino!”

Sounds Ah-mazing! Brenda also told us,

“It was a chilly, rainy day outside so the warm Teeccino was a big hit! I had brewed several pots for the guests and let them take the tea bags home with the coupons. Several of the guests commented to me of how they had never had Teeccino before, where can they buy it, what is it made from etc. There were positive responses such as, ‘This is a great coffee substitute.’, ‘I really like it!’, ‘What other flavors can I get it in?’. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share Teeccino!” Read More

Proof that Detoxing Works

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Alkalline-vege-body-1284780XSmallRecently the media has decided to bash detoxing by quoting some doctors who don’t believe it can have any lasting beneficial effects on the body. The New York Times and Britain’s The Guardian both took swipes at detox programs by quoting “experts” who have never followed a detox program in their life. If they had, they’d know what we know: you just feel so much better after you give your body a rest and feed it only the cleanest of foods!

If there is one person who is proof of the beneficial effects of detoxing, it is Amie Valpone, the author of Eating Clean, The 21 Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body. AAmie-Valponemie was abandoned by the medical profession at the tender age of 27 when her complete physical breakdown baffled every doctor and hospital that tried to diagnose what was wrong with her. It was only after she had exhausted every drug and every test they could think of that she began her healing journey by learning to detox her body with the help of food and clean living. I’d like to share some of the highlights from her book with you which you can find on Amazon and in many natural foods stores with book sections. Read More