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Teeccino Blog

Stephanie Talks Teeccino at ‘Teen Maze’ Event!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Stephanie always amazes us with her unique and well-planned Ambassador events. An Ambassador since January of 2015, she started out with a fantastic Valentine’s themed event that we featured on our blog. This September, Stephanie shared Teeccino at yet another unique opportunity in her community – ‘Teen Maze’. She told us in her event report –

“Teen Maze is an annual event at which students have the opportunity to face consequences of randomly selected life-style choices associated with risky youth behaviors (drugs, alcohol, etc.) in a safe and controlled environment. The maze is set up as an interactive “Game of Life”. Students will have the opportunity to examine the consequences of life’s choices in a hands-on, realistic and educational way. Teens navigate through a maze that presents different scenarios and related consequences. The goal is to increase their understanding of personal responsibility and the importance of making positive life choices. Each scenario was staffed by appropriate professionals who will present the information and discuss the consequences associated with that scenario.

Approximately 200 volunteers run the maze each day and the Teeccino demo was set-up for the volunteers. I had a sign that said “Vote Teeccino… Teens make choices and Adults make choices too!” As we worked with youth all week about choices they are making regarding drugs, I wanted to encourage the adults to think about the benefits of going caffeine free. In addition, I provided education about the reality that (according to Wikipedia), caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Each day, I served a different flavor (Hazelnut, Caramel Nut, Mocha and Java). Read More

Jamila Joins The Community Together with Teeccino

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

JamilaTeeccinoAmbassador1Jamila became a Teeccino Ambassador in September of this year and did her first event right away! She sent us a wonderful report about the  community event for about 75 attendees in the city of Oakland. Jamila told us: 
“The recent event was held at the 81st Ave Library in Oakland…..9/26. Theme: Invisibility: Honoring Our Memorials…for family and friends lost to the streets. For some a somber moment combined with healing, joy, remembering and coming together. Teeccino Tee-bags were handed out or picked up at my table. Some folks wanted to know how I knew they enjoyed certain teas or their grandmother favors Dandelion —(“just a connection”)…smiles and hugs were shared. People responded FANTASTIC to the Teeccino.”

We are honored to be part of this somber but important event honoring so many loved ones, Jamila. Thank you for being a Teeccino Ambassador. We look forward to supporting your future events…we loved hearing about your volunteer work for the Happy Neighborhood Project too! Read More

Holly’s Healthy Conference with Teeccino

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

HollyTeeccinoAmbassadorHolly, a Teeccino Ambassador since March of last year, recently sent in a new event request for Teeccino samples for her church’s conference event. She told us her group would be “providing breakfast, lunch and snacks to attendees for a conference and we have many healthy eaters in the group. So we want to offer Teeccino either by brewing or Tee-bag samples.”

Sounded like a great place and way to share Teeccino to us, so we were happy to support Holly’s event with Teeccino in loose-grind and Tee-bags. She told us after the event:

“A few people knew about Teeccino, but many others had never heard of it and loved trying it.”

Thanks for sharing Teeccino with your church and conference attendees, Holly! We love the photo you sent too. We are happy to continue supporting your Teeccino Ambassador events!

Teeccino Ambassadors are Teeccino fans who want to take Teeccino to events in their community.  There are so many different types of Ambassador events – from book clubs and church groups to health fairs and other social events…there are now over 200 Teeccino Ambassadors around the country bringing the joy of Teeccino to their friends, family and strangers alike!

It’s easy to become a Teeccino Ambassador by taking a quick survey and watching our online Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its many health benefits, hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. Once you’ve watched the Webinar, you can request samples online!

Creating New Trade One Sip At A Time

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Whether you’re steeRamon Treeping a Teeccino Tee-bag or brewing up a pot of your favorite flavor, you’re making a profound difference in someone’s life in a country you may never have visited. It always makes me marvel when I contemplate the interconnection we have with so many people in far off places through a simple cup of Teeccino!

70% of all agricultural products are still grown by small scale farmers around the world. By offering them the opportunity to devote their land to organic agriculture we improve their health and the health of their soil and thus our planet. By contracting for ingredients that provide better income than subsistence crops, we improve their family’s educational opportunities, medical care and nutrition.


Women-drying-chicory#1If you’ve read the back of a Teeccino bag or the inner flap of a Tee-bag box, you’ll know that creating new trade has improved the lives of people in Central America and India through two of our ingredients: chicory and ramón seeds. Want to know more about how this happens? Read More

Amanda – An Artistic Teeccino Ambassador

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

The ladies of LowCountry Eclectic

The ladies of LowCountry Eclectic

Amanda, a Teeccino Ambassador since the start of our program in 2012, has recently launched a successful essential oil jewelry line – LowCountry Eclectic on Etsy, and via her own website. As a longtime fan of our herbal coffee, Amanda is now sharing Teeccino samples via her online store. For the past few months, Amanda has been including a sample of Teeccino with orders for new customers. Amanda and her family team up to create their jewelry and run their site, which sells original and custom wood slice diffuser jewelry.

Some of their most popular pieces include the Infinity bracelet, Tree of Life necklace, “statement” necklaces…and there so many other creative designs. The story of how they started is unique…having recently relocated to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Amanda and her family discovered a world of limitless beauty right in their neighborhood – which is also home to a national forest. Amanda explained that the many fallen branches she and her family would find when going outside after it rained became the inspiration for a line of beautiful and functional essential oil jewelry. Amanda, her husband and her daughter work together to create numerous pieces, which always include essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs in each beautifully packaged box.

Amanda and LowCountry Eclectic are also very active on Instagram and have posted some amazing shots with Teeccino like this one – Read More

Dani-elle’s Big Show – with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Dani-elle – semifinalist in the Nash Next Country Superstar contest!

Dani-elle is a Teeccino Ambassador and a singer-songwriter playing Nashville and beyond. Due to the success of her single “Bye, Bye, Bye” Dani-elle and her band have played at CMA Fest and large venues. In fact, as of today Dani-elle is a semifinalist (#26) out of 7,900 musical acts entered in the NashNext country superstar contest! We featured Dani-elle last month on our blog, and she told us all about her recent Ambassador event:

“The event that I brought Teeccino to was one of the bigger shows my band and I were performing. Of course, as a singer, I have the opportunity to share with my fans different products that I truly love myself and believe in. And as I have said before, Teeccino is one of them. It is something both I and my entire team love. So we took the samples to the festival this past weekend and were able to hand them out during my performance.”

Dani-elle not only mentioned Teeccino on stage and gave it out during her performance, she went on to say:

“Afterwards I was able to talk to people about the product and give them more detail on it. There were so many prospective customers and many that said they were going to be placing an order or grabbing some in our local natural store. Doing this during one of my shows is truly a fantastic way to market the product and I am really looking forward to doing it again. We are heading to Nashville the end of the month and while on the road in the bus we like to really use social media a lot to keep up with our fans, so I would really like to incorporate Teeccino in there somehow as well. All in all, this show went great incorporating Teeccino in and I can not wait to do it again!! Read More