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Teeccino Blog

Sleep, Deep Restorative Sleep!

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

It starts with having babies. Somewhere in those years of waking up at random hours at night and early mornings when you can’t believe your wee one wants to play or nurse, a pattern of caffeine-exhaustion-706448XSmallsleep deprivation sets in. Our sleep gets disrupted and never returns to normal even after our kids sleep through the night. In your mid ‘40’s, you start to wake up in the middle of the night for no good reason at all and can’t fall back to sleep. Then comes fewer hours of sleep as we hit our 60’s and we wonder, why can’t we sleep those nice 8 hours that we got when we were younger?

You know you’ve had a good night’s sleep when you wake up feeling like your sleep has been deep. The brain feels refreshed. There’s a quality of sleep that nothing beats. How to achieve it? I’ve struggled with this pattern of less and less restorative sleep over the years even though I’m caffeine free and take melatonin to prolong the number of hours I sleep. Now I’ve discovered something that promotes really deep, restful sleep and I’d like to share it with you! Read More

DeAnna Shares Health Tips and Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

mugheartDeAnna, a resident of Texas and a longtime Teeccino Ambassador, has done a number of Teeccino Ambassador events like DeAnna’s Congregation Camp-Out with Teeccino!, and just sent us a report about her most recent gathering –

“It was a class on basic family health care naturally and at home. As a part of the class, I introduced the participants to Teeccino as an alternative to caffeine. The different flavors were a hit! All 8 participants were excited to look for Teeccino the next time they went into Lubbock. I will continue to make Teeccino part of my classes.”

Thank you DeAnna! We are always so happy to receive your great reports and support your events! Thanks also for the great photo and fun story you sent to us as well…

“My husband and I have been enjoying more Teeccino and a lot less coffee over the past several months. About a month ago, after we had spent a special morning together with our cups of Teeccino, I found this “heart” at the bottom of my mug. I flavor mine with coconut oil, so you can see the way the small amount of Teeccino and the oil mixed together to make a pattern on the bottom of my mug. We do love our Teeccino!”

We love it, DeAnna! Thank you so much again and just let us know the next time you want to share samples…

Teeccino Ambassadors is a program where our most dedicated fans sign-up to be Ambassadors, and can make requests for samples to share at their local neighborhood events.  It’s easy to join by taking a quick survey and watching our online Webinar!

Stephanie’s Veg Tasting Fair with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

image-2Stephanie has been a Teeccino Ambassador since January of this year and has already done two events – her first was a Valentine’s Day event and her most recent, a Vegetarian Tasting Fair! We really enjoyed hearing that Stephanie and another longtime Teeccino Ambassador collaborated for this event…

“This was a Healthy Vegetarian Tasting Fair that I collaborated with Teeccino Ambassador Kristy. There were approximately 20 different vendors who were sharing delicious vegetarian and vegan items. The Teeccino booth was non-stop all day long. I brewed the Teeccino in my drip-coffee pot right there on the spot and so the aroma filled the air!”

As for that aroma, Stephanie said, “Many stopped by just because of the smell. Several people reported that they did not know there was an alternative to coffee and others shared that they have been trying to get off caffeine for many years. The Teeccino was so popular that I ran out of demo cups and had to get some regular styrofoam cups from the neighboring booth. I served the Hazelnut, Mocha and French Roast.” Read More

Brenda’s Breakfasts with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

IMG_0022-2Brenda was one of the very first applicants to our Teeccino Ambassador program back in 2012 and has been an official Ambassador since attending our very first LIVE Webinar!  Brenda recently reported back to us about her latest event at her church:

“We have been serving a healthy vegan breakfast each week for 60-80 people. They have a nice meal then stay for a message about healthy living. At first, I brewed Teeccino and served everyone in the little sample cups. After about 3 weeks, people have begun taking coupons and asking me where they can buy it!”

Wow, it sounds like you found a perfect crowd to taste Teeccino, Brenda – and we think it’s great that your event is still ongoing…

“It has been fun to see the change in people, some who don’t like coffee and didn’t even want to try the Teeccino, now love it! Others who are coffee drinkers are also hooked. Thank you for the hot pot. I brew about 48 – 60 cups each week and the hot pot really helps keep up with demand! We still have 4 more weeks left to serve.” Read More

Grain Brain or Gluten Brain?

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

I have to admit, Dr. David Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain, The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs and Sugar, sat by my bed waiting for me to open it for some months. I’m really not a fan of the no-grain, high fat diet, sometimes called paleo diet, formerly called Atkin’s low carb diet. I adhere to the science that shows that the greater the diversity of plants in my diet, the more optimalgbrain my health will be. I’m not about to cut out a whole group of plants that have provided vitamin and mineral-rich caloric fuel for millions of years in every culture around the world including rice, corn, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat and oats.

Having said that, I totally acknowledge the destructiveness of gluten for those who have developed a sensitivity to it and for those who have celiac disease. After reading Grain Brain at last, I am grateful to Dr. Perlmutter for creating awareness about the effects of gluten sensitivity on the brain. The majority of doctors have no training in identifying the brain’s symptoms of gluten intolerance and thus children and adults alike go undiagnosed and are treated with drugs instead of advised to make simple dietary changes. Let me tell you a story that happened right under my nose without me realizing what was staring me in the face. It reveals the insidious way gluten disturbs the brain and plays havoc with people’s emotions. Read More

Grace’s Office Lunch (& Block Brunch) Sharing Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

© 55Laney69

© 55Laney69

Grace, a resident of Austin, Texas has been a terrific Teeccino Ambassador for almost two years, sharing Teeccino at local get-togethers like Ambassador Grace’s Garden Party posted here on our blog! Grace recently sent us a great report about her most recent events – an office holiday potluck and a small neighborhood friends’ gathering. The feedback was incredible! Grace told us:

“It was an office potluck holiday lunch. I wasn’t sure how well it would be received, because my office mates are not the most health conscious bunch. However, our one pregnant co-worker was super stoked to have a caffeine free coffee-like beverage to enjoy during the festivities. I also had quite a few co-workers e-mail me privately to ask questions, to tell me how much they liked it, and to thank me for going to the trouble of sharing it with them (as if I didn’t want it just for myself!). Read More