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Teeccino Blog

Stacey Shares Teeccino at her Dance Studio!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Stacy has been an Ambassador since 2015 and always has wonderful feedback to share! She recently sent us this fabulous photo from her business, Marcellus Dance Studio – where she frequently shares Teeccino at recitals and other special events. Stacy told us her groups are always eager to enjoy Teeccino.

Thanks for sharing Teeccino, Stacy! We love supporting your different dance studio events throughout the year! Let us know when the next big occasion comes up.

If you love Teeccino and know others in your circles will too, you can enjoy the perks of being a Teeccino Ambassador! Get more info on our website.

We’ll send you a link to our Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its health benefits, hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. It’s super easy to request samples online for your event!

Join us as an Ambassador and have fun sharing Teeccino in your community!



Detox with Dandelion and Chicory Roots

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Spring officially arrived on the morning of Tuesday, March 20th marked by the Spring Equinox when light and darkness are equally balanced. Now that the daylight is getting longer everyday, it’s a traditional time for a spring detox program. Recovering from a tough flu season where many people, who are never sick, were felled for weeks, it may be just the thing to revive one’s vitality and rebuild the immune system.

There are lots of detox programs recommending the best way to detox and cleanse. Choosing between those that involve fasting versus those that have a regime for eating cleanly is a decision you need to make depending on what fits your body and your life’s rhythms the best.

Whichever style you choose, detox programs can present a big challenge for many people due to the requirement to refrain from drinking coffee and alcohol. Ok, some number of days without alcohol isn’t that big a deal for most people, but ask a coffee drinker to give up the morning cuppa and boom! Resistance sets in.

Dandelion root, roasted and ground to brew like coffee, and chicory root, the French coffee alternative, can help a coffee drinker get over that hurdle. Along with replacing the taste and body of a cup of coffee, dandelion and chicory roots have detox health benefits that add to a cleansing program. But you have to be careful to prepare ahead of time to make your detox program more effective and more pleasant. Here’s why eliminating caffeine during a detox program is such an important factor and how drinking an herbal coffee made from dandelion and chicory roots can help.

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Abby’s Awesome Launch Party with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Abby is a health and wellness coach coach who joined our Teeccino Ambassador sampling program last year. One of her first events was a launch party for her business! She told us,

“I held a launch party for my health coaching business. I served some Teeccino recipes and also gave away Teeccino tea bag samples as part of a goodie bag for all who attended. I love Teeccino as a healthy alternative to coffee and love to share it!”

That’s awesome to hear, Abby! We are thrilled to have you in our group of enthusiastic Teeccino Ambassadors.

You can learn more about Abby and her practice En Route Wellness at her website.

If you are a health coach, or just a healthy Teeccino fan – we’d love for you to check out our Ambassador program. It’s a great way to share your love of herbal coffee with those in your circle – plus earn special discounts, swag and gifts! Learn more about becoming a Teeccino Ambassador and fill out the survey to get started!

Ullanda’s Colleagues Love Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Ullanda is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who recently shared Teeccino at her workplace with her female colleagues. Ullanda wrote – 

“I work in the engineering field which is male-dominated. I wanted to do something nice for the females at my firm. So I held an impromptu “pampering session” with Teeccino, and some girl talk. It was a nice way to digress from the work day, and bond together. They LOVVEEDDD Teeccino. A few of the ladies started to pull their phones out to order from the website immediately.”

That’s so terrific, Ullanda! We love this photo you sent, and we appreciate all the ways you share Teeccino. We’ll be Read More

Takesha’s Vision Board party with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Takesha is a new Teeccino Ambassador who has been very creative sharing our product.In her latest report, about a #visionboard party where she paired Teeccino with SoDelicious coconut creamer…Takesha told us:

“The event was a vision board party. No one there knew about Teeccino and they were all pleasantly surprised about how great it tastes. Some people who attended were vegans and they really liked that Teeccino is non-acidic and caffeine free. I loved how the tea bags were attached to mini pamphlets for anyone who wanted additional information.”

That’s fantastic, Takesha! We love the way you have jumped right in and shared Teeccino with your co-workers and colleagues, to such great response! We’ll be happy to support your Read More

In Defense of Natural Flavors!

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Confusion reigns across the internet and blogosphere about natural flavors. Really, it is quite amazing what some people will do to excite their followers by amplifying “fake news” and exploiting fear. We get phone calls every day from customers who are suddenly scared that they are ingesting something terrible if they eat or drink a product that contains natural flavors.

In 2013, I wrote what I think is a pretty comprehensive article about natural flavors on our Teeccino blog. It’s a deep read, but worth it if you really want to understand the truth about natural flavors.

Recently though, I realized I could give a couple more good examples of how natural flavors are derived and why they’re safe to consume. I was sipping on a Kombucha beverage that tasted like cherries even though there was no cherry juice or natural cherry flavor on the label. It just so happened that I know exactly how this Kombucha company was hiding its natural cherry flavor in its ingredient list. I thought, this has gone too far. Now natural food companies are too afraid to admit they’re using natural flavors to make their products delicious!

So if some blogger or “medical medium” has led you to believe that natural flavors are full of bad things, please give me a moment of your time to read some real facts about these natural flavor compounds and why we love them to enhance our food and beverages!

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