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Amanda – An Artistic Teeccino Ambassador

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

The ladies of LowCountry Eclectic

The ladies of LowCountry Eclectic

Amanda, a Teeccino Ambassador since the start of our program in 2012, has recently launched a successful essential oil jewelry line – LowCountry Eclectic on Etsy, and via her own website. As a longtime fan of our herbal coffee, Amanda is now sharing Teeccino samples via her online store. For the past few months, Amanda has been including a sample of Teeccino with orders for new customers. Amanda and her family team up to create their jewelry and run their site, which sells original and custom wood slice diffuser jewelry.

Some of their most popular pieces include the Infinity bracelet, Tree of Life necklace, “statement” necklaces…and there so many other creative designs. The story of how they started is unique…having recently relocated to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Amanda and her family discovered a world of limitless beauty right in their neighborhood – which is also home to a national forest. Amanda explained that the many fallen branches she and her family would find when going outside after it rained became the inspiration for a line of beautiful and functional essential oil jewelry. Amanda, her husband and her daughter work together to create numerous pieces, which always include essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs in each beautifully packaged box.

Amanda and LowCountry Eclectic are also very active on Instagram and have posted some amazing shots with Teeccino like this one –


Amanda said that her store’s customers are a health conscious group, and a perfect match for Teeccino…so we are thrilled to hear that her promotion idea has been a great success. We’ll continue to support Amanda as a Teeccino Ambassador and will love to see what she and her family create next. See below for a few examples of LowCountry Eclectic’s jewelry, and let us know if you’d like to be a Teeccino Ambassador too…

Teeccino Ambassadors are Teeccino fans who want to take Teeccino to events in their community. There are so many different types of Ambassador events – from book clubs and church groups to health fairs and other social events…there are now over 200 Teeccino Ambassadors around the country bringing the joy of Teeccino to their friends, family and strangers alike!


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