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Amanda’s Review of the Teeccino Ambassador Webinar

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Caroline MacDougall in her kitchen

This month we launched our Teeccino Ambassador program, a way for enthusiastic customers to learn all about Teeccino and share it with their communities at local events.

Caroline MacDougall, Teeccino CEO and founder, presented the most recent webinar on October 4th, and Amanda was kind to share her thoughts on what she learned.

If you are thinking about joining the Ambassador program, please be sure to check out Amanda’s experience for a little preview!

Amanda, Teeccino Ambassador

Amanda, Teeccino Ambassador

My name is Amanda Esquivel and I participated in the webinar last Thursday.  I have been drinking Teeccino for several months now and I absolutely love it. 

I love coffee–the smell and the taste, that is, but coffee ALWAYS makes me break out, get a headache and a stomachache.  When I found Teeccino at my local grocery store a few months back I was very excited…and I fell in love at the first sip!  I sent several boxes of the tee-bags to my sister who is a hard-core coffee lover but had had to give up coffee due to pregnancy and nursing.  I thought it would be a nice alternative for her and that she would say it was okay but couldn’t wait to be able to drink coffee again, but to my surprise she called me to tell me that she LOVED it, absolutely loved it.  Even though I had sent her several boxes, she ordered several more from Vitacost to share with the ladies in her book club (and because she didn’t want to ever run out).  That kind of enthusiasm for Teeccino from such a devoted coffee aficionado is high praise indeed.  Now I am going to convert my mom!

I am a very health conscious shopper and eater so I knew, even before the webinar, that Teeccino was healthy and superior to coffee in many ways but I was very surprised to learn just how true this is!

I had no idea that inulin was a prebiotic or that Teeccino was loaded with antioxidants.  I tried to take notes but was too busy absorbing it all.  I am very excited about the Teeccino Ambassador program.


Do you want to be a Teeccino Ambassador,  sharing your love of Teeccino and your passion for healthy living with your community?  Learn more here and sign up by taking a brief survey!

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3 Responses

  1. Clara says:

    Ashley, I very much enjoyed participating in this morning’s run of Caroline’s webinar! What an exciting opportunity for ambassadors to be a part of Teecino’s new buzz program. Keep me (and the rest of us!) posted, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  2. Ashley Vincenti says:

    Thanks sooo much, Clara! We’ll be seeing you here on this blog soon, and we are so glad to have you as a Teeccino Ambassador!

  3. MRS elizabeth O Brien here. I searched the internet some months back to find if there was an alternative Coffee. Tea drink for my clients. I am working as a Fertilitycare Napro Instructor… With great Staff and other Nutrition advisors on board we have found the hreat benifits of not using caffine during pre conception and treatment.. I was excited to find a link and a product at last.. I rang your store in Limerick Ireland and had a nice chat with a lady in your limerick store.. I explaned to her that i would like to present this finding at our next Napro or Fertility Instructors Confrence.. This lady told me she may be able to send me some samples free from your store …. I myself also have medical problems which i believe would help… I believe the lady then sent me the sight As i am receiving your information…. I did not wish to bother her again but am submitting this to you….. If samples are not available from the company i will follow up and buy some for myself on line….. Sincerely. Elizabeth M O Brien. God bless for all your good work

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