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Teeccino Ambassador Event Application

Written by: Danielle Edberg

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  1. Our group, FMVeg was encouraged to have a suite at CoreCon, the local Sci-fi/fantasy convention, to give out free vegan food to the attendees, show videos, etc. As a result, we came up with the idea of having a Star Trek themed suite, and we’re calling it “Trek Cafe and Lounge”, a room filled with food from the future; replicated food! (Most of the food in the Star Trek universe is replicated, and most everyone is vegetarian or vegan because of that, in case you didn’t know – except Klingons, of course!) We’ll be serving meat analogues, which have been created to replicate the taste and texture of actual meat – only they’re plant-based, as well as other goodies, ALL FREE!

    • Ashley Vincenti says:

      Thank you, Kathleen…I simply cannot tell you how excited we are about this fabulous and unique event! Thank you so much for the opportunity to support and providing all the details. We love it! Your package will arrive approximately 10 days before your event. Let us know if you have any questions via πŸ˜€

      • Hello again, Ashley!
        Can you believe it’s been almost a year since “Trek Cafe and Lounge?” This year, if you agree, we’d love to serve Teeccino again, this time brewing it and serving to allow people to get their cup faster. We plan on serving it with vegan creamer and a selection of sweeteners.
        Thank you for your consideration,


  2. Hello, I love these coffees, especially the sample packets. One of my friends from church just loves your coffees, especially the vanilla and hazelnut coffees. In fact, she tells her friends about the coffee and I am sure they drink it to.

    I was hoping to be able to choose the flavors my guests or church friends would like. If so, the vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and caramel coffees are a big hit with the parties and church events I attend.

    • Ashley Vincenti says:

      Hi Monica, thank you so much! Yes, we can definitely send you some preferred flavors to share. Thank you again for being such an awesome Ambassador, and we hope it’s a great event!

  3. Amy Townsend says:

    I am part of a doula organization and we are hosting a “Materna-tea” so expecting moms can come and chat with local doulas. We are going to have some pregnancy tea and Teeccino for the mom’s to enjoy while they meet and greet with us. I can’t wait to have this available for them to try!! I usually have a tea bag sample that I include in my welcome client packs, so I am eager to actually brew it and give it to them to try.

  4. Ashley Vincenti says:

    Hi Amy! Thank you so much for posting, we are so glad to have you in the Ambassador program! We received your event request and will definitely support! This sounds like an awesome event…and very nice that you will be brewing up some hot Teeccino. Look out for a confirmation email once your package is on its way, and let us know at if you have any questions. Thanks again!!

  5. Kristy Siddel says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to work with Teeccino as an Ambassador through our local events. πŸ™‚

  6. Ashley Vincenti says:

    Thank YOU, Kristy! We will definitely be supporting your next event in April. Thank you for sending in the request form and keep an eye out for a confirmation email soon when your shipment goes out. Have a great time and thank you for being a Teeccino Ambassador!

  7. Andrea Nelson (soon-to-be Fox) says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I have been trying to explain and share the benefits and delights of Teeccino, but this will make it much easier. I can’t even tell you how I excited I am to get other people excited about this incredible product. I am a happy, healthy, and outgoing plant-based vegan ready to share this with my community. I am hoping to get into local health food stores as well. I am a professional by day, but health food and health has always been my passion, and this allows me to enjoy that part of my life and personality. Thanks again!

  8. Ashley Vincenti says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Thank you SO much for becoming a Teeccino Ambassador and for your absolutely awesome comments. Your first event request has already been approved and we hope it’s a terrific time! We are so happy you’ve joined us! Thank you, Andrea!

  9. DeAnna says:

    Each year our congregation celebrates Feast of Tabernacles and camp out on someone’s land for 8 days and nights in the fall. This will be the perfect opportunity to share a great healthy and yummy hot drink with my friends and family! I am looking forward to having a variety from which everyone can try and find a favorite flavor. Thanks for allowing me to share this with those I love.

    • Ashley Vincenti says:

      THANKS, Deanna! We got your request and we’ll be glad to support this exciting event! Look out for a confirmation email and the your Ambassador package to arrive soon after. Thank you so much for being a Teeccino Ambassador!

  10. Sandy says:

    The Teeccino was a big hit at my gathering. Everyone loved the different flavors and they all will be buying it. Some of the women want me to give a demonstration for their husbands/boyfriends because [in one of the women’s words] “men won’t think Teeccino is manly enough for them to drink”.

    • Ashley Vincenti says:

      THANKS, Sandy! We are so thrilled to have you as an Ambassador! If you do a boyfriends/husbands event, you can rest assured we hear from men everyday who enjoy Teeccino and find it has health benefits for them. Just let us know whenever you’d like to do another event…we’ll be happy to support! πŸ™‚

  11. chickie brewer says:

    Thank-you so much for the opportunity.. I’m excited about Sharing

    Teeccino the first with my friends at church!

    I’m learing more and more about Teeccino daily!

    Thanks again!!!!

  12. misty clark says:

    When I discovered I was pregnant with my youngest back In 2012 I joined a small onkine due date group. Throughout our pregnancies we became very close even though we live all over the u.s. ,we even have a member as far away as the u.k. we have a private Facebook group now and talk every day. This gave me the idea to do a virtual tea party πŸ™‚ I ordered my sample kit and sent everyone a few samples of each. We used Google hangouts as our platform so that we could use our web cams to chats wile everyone sampled the teas. I have to say it was a big hit. I loved getting to see everyone and their littles while sharing with them a wonderful product that my whole family has come to love.

  13. Stefanie says:

    I’m so excited to host another event! I would love to host a Halloween themed party for fall and serve the chocolate, mocha and pumpkin spice flavored Teeccino coffees for the season. Also if it is possible to hand out some cereal samples, I know it would be perfect for treats for the kids and am excited to receive my free airpot! Thanks for the opportunity, I love sharing samples and finding new fans of Teeccino!

  14. Shona says:

    I had a large family gathering, but my samples came to late. I decided to bring them to work. First, I made a pot of French roast and didn’t tell anyone I had switched the coffee. After rave reviews for the “coffee” I told everyone about teeccino and passed out samples. It was the afternoon pot of coffee-many of my co-workers were so glad it was caffeine free, and didn’t bother their stomach, as multiple cups of coffee can.

    I passed out the samples, and tee-bags-they were a great hit!

  15. DeAnna says:

    my husband and I are hosting thanksgiving for a number of people in our town who do not have family nearby to celebrate with this year. Most are seniors and drink coffee ‘religiously’. As a Family Herbalist it is my mission to help seniors enjoy their golden years through better health and diet- starting with their coffee habits! If I can have a variety of flavors along with the java and french roast it would be awesome, especially this time of year!

  16. Stefanie says:

    I absolutely love hosting Teeccino events. I’m planning a Halloween party, so I would love to highlight Teeccino at this party and share a few flavors with some Halloween baked treats and fun. I would love to serve up some French Vanilla, Chocolate Flavors, and Pumpkin Spice as well as hand out some Teechia cereal samples for some healthy treats. I’m so excited to share, I know the guests will love Teeccino with no tricks, just treats.

  17. Nancy Robertson says:

    I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We had our Christmas party December 2, 2016 with 200 people attending. I enjoyed handing out the samples of French Roast, Chocolate, Hazel Nut, Vanilla Nut, Dandelion Carmel Nut and Dandelion Dark Roast. Since we don’t believe in drinking coffee or tea it is wonderful to have another option. People liked the Chocolate, Vanilla Nut, Dandelion Carmel Nut the most. I hope this is where I was supposed to send my report.

    • Ashley Vincenti says:

      HI Nancy,

      Thank you so much for your comment and also for sending in your report and photos, Nancy! We appreciate it so much and are very happy to have you as a Teeccino Ambassador! We look so forward to support your future events with Teeccino to share!

      • Nancy Robertson says:

        Hi Ashley, the products speak for themselves. I have more people from church and work trying our herbal coffee. One young lady has her commanding officers enjoying the coffee in her ROTC unit.

  18. Sherry says:

    I am a Teeccino fan. I spread the word wherever I go from small home support group to large gatherings. The more people I can get to try the products and eat and drink healthier choices the happier I am. Thank you for continuing to produce great products.

  19. Nichelle says:

    In December 2016, my 3 business partners and I had our 1st coding event where we taught women (30 years of age +) how to learn a new computer programming language and we titled it ” #CodeChocolate2016 “. Most of the drinks and all desserts were chocolate. We had packets of hot chocolate on the table but only a few were used because everyone else enjoyed the variety of chocolate Teeccino teas instead and LOVED them!!

    I wish there was a way recommendations/referrals could be tracked after a purchase is made. If so and I was paid a bit, I’d be rich…but, I wouldn’t change a thing; I’d STILL share these teas with the world! My favorites are: Maya Chocolate, Dandelion Mocha (and Caramel Nut…sometimes combined!) and Almond Amaretto. Such decadent treats that I won’t feel guilty about nor do I have to count calories so much.

    Thanks Teeccino!

  20. Stefanie Schmidt says:

    I love Teeccino and am so excited to have another event this summer. I’m hosting a 4th of July Pool party for my friends and coworkers and the highlight is going to be the fun and Teeccino. I plan on making some iced Teeccino recipes and smoothies. I would love to share samples of Mocha Herbal Coffee, French Vanilla, Dandelion Mocha, Raspberry Mocha and Vanilla Nut as well as the Tee-Chia cereal to snack on. Thanks for the opportunity, I’m excited to spread the word about Teeccino.

  21. Sarah says:

    I cannot wait to share Teeccino at the yoga studio where I teach and work at the front desk! When I was in yoga teacher training, I shared my own Teeccino bags with other students and raved about the product because I believe in it that much! It has truly been a life saver after being told I had to stay away from caffeine for health reasons. Thank you! love my #nocaf life πŸ™‚

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