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Alkaline Balance: Myths and Reality

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Frequently we’re asked, “What’s the pH of Teeccino?” People are confused because we know that Teeccino is alkaline for the body, but if brewed Teeccino is tested with a simple pH strip, you get varying results.

The difference starts with the pH of the water used to brew. Alkaline waters are very popular these days, but some are made artificially alkaline and others are naturally alkaline. What’s the difference? The same thing that makes Teeccino alkaline regardless of the water’s pH: the presence of alkaline minerals provided by nature. Read More

Red Tea, The Fermented, Caffeine-Free Super Herb Tea

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Rooibos Flowers

As my followers know, I’m a huge advocate of getting as many herbs into your diet as possible. Where else can we find a wide biodiversity of unique phyto (plant) nutrients completely unchanged from those consumed by our hunting and gathering prehistoric ancestors? We need our super herbs to protect our health more than ever in this era of toxins polluting our air, water and food!

Let’s take a deep dive into an herb that is so unique, it grows only on the tip of South Africa and even there, only in one small region called Clan William. It’s also the only herbal tea that goes through a fermentation process similar to black tea, which turns its green needles to a deep shade of rusty red.

It also happens to be an herb with which I’m intimately familiar. Back in the late ‘90’s, I brought it to the United State’s tea drinking world after it had been forgotten due to the ban on importing S. African products during Apartheid.

We’re talking about rooibos (pronounced ROY-e-boss), the red tea. Here’s the story about this super herb tea that is the base of the best caffeine-free chai teas including Teeccino Dandelion Red Chai!

Read More

Turmeric – Taming The Flame

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

What turns everything bright yellow, is an essential spice in Indian dishes and is reputed by the ancients to heal everything you can think of? Yes, that would be turmeric, the spice that is turning up in a wide range of natural food products from supplements to chips!

I like to take a deep dive into the science below the hype to get to the truth about the health benefits one can realistically expect to get from an herb. Often studies in humans are hard to find because they’re both complex and expensive to perform. But with turmeric, there are thousands of years of traditional use as well as numerous recent animal and human studies that support its reputation as a ‘super herb’.

If you’re interested in knowing why I chose to create Teeccino Dandelion Turmeric for your enjoyment, read on about how turmeric can enhance your health Read More

Polyphenols, The Mediterranean Diet & Longevity

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

The debate about what you should eat in order to live the longest, healthiest life possible has swung back and forth for years between two poles: high protein, low carbohydrate diets versus low fat, primarily plant-based diets. Both claim to help you maintain optimal weight and healthy hearts for longevity.

In the center is the Mediterranean diet based on eating fruits, vegetables and grains along with fish and white meat. Additionally, it includes liberal amounts of olive oil and nuts to provide “good” fats. The Mediterranean diet also allows wine and thus many find it easier to follow! Read More

Feeding Your Probiotics For A Flourishing Microbiome

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

I promised to continue my October Newsletter article on the microbiome , your community of beneficial gut flora also called microbiota or probiotics,  and tell you more about the prebiotics that feed it. It’s been a hectic winter but I’m getting back to this subject because it’s the most important thing you can do to create optimal health. Feed the beneficial probiotics in your gut and your health will thrive!

New studies are being published daily revealing how the microbiome controls everything from our mood to our immune system. Science is revealing what foods increase various strains of beneficial microbes and how the metabolites that they produce enhances our health.

Here’s the white elephant in the room that no one in the natural foods industry wants to talk about: taking probiotic supplements simply can’t replenish the microbiome community in your gut. What? Are probiotic supplements a waste of money? Let’s just say this: there is a much more effective way to increase the beneficial intestinal flora that your good health depends upon. That’s why it is so important to know what foods and prebiotic concentrates will increase your microbiome diversity for optimal health.

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Caroline’s 2016 Year End Letter

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Dear Teeccino family,

caroline-mountain-croppedWe are all one big family, aren’t we? No matter all the differences this year’s election process has provoked, our common bonds rise above the fray and our humanity is revealed every day in all the many ways we give to one another: friend, family and stranger.

Even to those we think of as foes! When we give respect, love and forgiveness, our hearts reach across the divide that we imagine separates us. We are reminded that we all need and want to be loved, to share love, and to create a loving life. Standing in the place of love, we see each other as ourselves, not as something different to be disparaged or rejected.

I am an optimist by nature and thus I believe that whatever happens in our lives is here to help us evolve as both human and spiritual beings. But it is hard to understand how this can be so in the face of so much suffering by those living in war torn countries. How to reconcile the massive amounts of pain and death that we witness through our media and still maintain that vision for a positive future?

My challenge this year has been to hold opposite feelings, opposite beliefs, and opposite experiences of reality while reconciling them within myself through finding the common bond of love that unites opposites together. I recognize that my limited ability to perceive the whole, and the importance of every single one of its many parts, makes this world seem imperfect. I stay committed to the vision that the unfolding of our human journey moves us ever closer to the peace and happiness for everyone that each of us wants for ourselves.

My heart goes out to those of you who have suffered loss, pain, and health problems during 2016. By witnessing our own and each other’s suffering, our empathy and compassion expands. May these trials help all of us find our common humanity in order to bridge our imaginary divides.

We send each of you, our Teeccino family members, our gratitude and our intention to serve your needs, one cup at a time, in the year to come. We intend to bring you more pleasurable moments while contributing to your wellness by expanding Teeccino’s array of beverages with super herbs and super foods that help create optimal health. It is the daily cups of plant-based brews that provide us with both nourishing micronutrients for our bodies and precious moments for our spirits to connect with ourselves and others. May you enjoy many such delicious sips of a steaming mug of Teeccino during this holiday season!

With love, Caroline