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Proof that Detoxing Works

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Alkalline-vege-body-1284780XSmallRecently the media has decided to bash detoxing by quoting some doctors who don’t believe it can have any lasting beneficial effects on the body. The New York Times and Britain’s The Guardian both took swipes at detox programs by quoting “experts” who have never followed a detox program in their life. If they had, they’d know what we know: you just feel so much better after you give your body a rest and feed it only the cleanest of foods!

If there is one person who is proof of the beneficial effects of detoxing, it is Amie Valpone, the author of Eating Clean, The 21 Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body. AAmie-Valponemie was abandoned by the medical profession at the tender age of 27 when her complete physical breakdown baffled every doctor and hospital that tried to diagnose what was wrong with her. It was only after she had exhausted every drug and every test they could think of that she began her healing journey by learning to detox her body with the help of food and clean living. I’d like to share some of the highlights from her book with you which you can find on Amazon and in many natural foods stores with book sections. Read More

What Makes You Go? Curing Constipation

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Constipation 3No one likes to admit it. This most private and personal of subjects is really not brought up in polite conversation. But, let’s be clear: regular bowel movements is an essential part of optimal health. By regular, I mean 1-3 times a day. If you’re not clearing your colon a minimum of once a day, you’re constipated. So let’s have that conversation, just between you and me! Here’s the best permanent fixes for constipation: Read More

Nourishing our Hearts

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

It keeps the beCHI-ENERGY-DIVINE-LIFE-FORCE1at of life flowing through our veins. It doesn’t ask for much from us, but it’s essential to our every breath. It’s thought of as the “body’s engine room” and the center of our life force. It’s the super muscle that counts out every second of our lives to keep us vibrant and healthy. Yes, I’m talking about our hearts.

Sadly, the heart has become one of the most disease-ridden organs globally, particularly in the United States. Heart disease remains the No. 1 cause of death nationally, though healthy lifestyle habits can dramatically reduce such unfortunate prospects. One in four women die from heart disease yet women’s heart problems are often overlooked and undiagnosed until it is too late.

Maybe it’s because we women are so good at focusing on others and ignoring our own needs. Our sensitivity can even cause us to suffer heart attacks from the “Broken Heart Syndrome” without any prior heart disease.

This month, I’ve been observing what nurtures my heart while balancing its desires with the necessities of a busy life. Here’s 3 surprising discoveries that are easy to do on a daily basis to keep your heart healthy!

Read More

Bitter: The Up-And-Coming New Flavor In America

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

It’s been sneaking up on American taste buds for some years now. Bitter was the flavor that used to be so anathema to Americans, food manufacturers would do everything they could to bury it with sweetness or saltiness.

Bitter: The Up-And-Coming New Flavor in America TeeccinoBut guess what? Americans are breaking up with overpowering sweetness. They are moving away from overly salty snacks. Americans want something exciting and strong to wake up their taste buds with a flavor explosion, and that new flavor is bitter!

It turns out, bitter flavors are really good for your digestion and thus your health. You can retrain your taste buds to enjoy them too. Let’s look at the health reasons and easy ways to jump onto the bitter taste love train! Read More

Are GMOs Toxic?

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

This month I took my 91 year old mother to visit a cousin we hadn’t seen for 40 years. Wow – the last time I saw her I had just started my first job at Celestial Seasonings and I was traveling the West coast in a Volkswagen bus gaily painted with thunderbolts striking teacups and roosters crowing at dawn. It was way before anyone ever thought about Genetically Modified Organisms, but that’s all I could think about on my way to her home in rural Illinois!

Teeccino Are GMO's Toxic?Naïve Californian that I am, I can’t express my amazement at how massive the acreage is of GMO corn and GMO soybeans in this country’s “bread basket”. Talk about mono-cropping and destroying nature’s diversity! Miles and miles whizzed by and all the eye could see was row upon row of GMO plants grown for … yes … animal feed and high fructose corn syrup!

Now there’s a new study that that reveals that the known carcinogen, formaldehyde, builds up in GMO soybeans. Plus it shows a massive decrease in GMO soy’s glutathione, the antioxidant responsible for keeping our cells detoxified. Yikes!

Did you know that the US Congress passed the DARK act just a few weeks ago? Dubbed the “Deny Americans The Right To Know” Act, it will prevent states from requiring labeling of GMOs. Now the fight for our right to know what’s in our food has shifted to the Senate and I encourage all of you to write your senators to vote against it! Read More

Dandelion Draft On The Heels Of Nitro Coffee!

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

GalensDraft copyIf you’ve visited Teeccino’s Facebook page lately, you’ll have seen photos of our newest creation: Dandelion Draft. Whoa..what are they up to over there in Teeccino land? We’ve been giving sneak previews to some friends and strangers alike of our answer to the latest coffee craze: Nitro Coffee. You may not have heard of that either since Nitro Coffee is just being introduced in a few pockets around the country, but Santa Barbara happens to be one of them. So we thought, why not nitro Teeccino?

OMG! I wish I could send you a pint right through this email because you can’t believe how delicious nitrogenated Teeccino can be! But first let me back up and tell you all about nitrogenation and why it makes Teeccino taste so unbelievably delicious, creamy and refreshing!

Read More

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