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Expo West Success!

Written by: Anna Jordon

expowest1The annual natural products convention was a massive gathering this year with so many new companies introducing new products, it was overwhelming even to the most intrepid attendees. Read More

Teeccino Wows at ‘World Vegan Day’ in L.A.!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Veganday1This year, Team Teeccino was proud to once again support World Vegan Day on November 1st, serving Teeccino to a very appreciative and health-conscious crowd throughout the evening! I was excited to have our PR/Marketing Manager, Kateri, join me (Ashley, of Teeccino Ambassadors) to introduce the attendees of World Vegan Day to Teeccino herbal coffee. Better still everyone there, including Team Teeccino, got to discover new vegan snacks, dishes and delicious desserts!

Along with the brewed Teeccino, Tee-bag and TeeChia gluten-free cereal samples at our table, we also brought along our vegan milk alternatives, SoDelicious coconut milk and soy milk. One couple came up to enjoy the brewed Teeccino, saying that they actually used to buy Read More

Gluten Sensitivity: Is This An Epidemic?

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

TeeChia Blueberry Bowl

TeeChia Blueberry Bowl

The number of adults in America who are think they should cut back or avoid gluten-containing foods has grown to 30% as of January 2013 according to a survey by The NPD Group, a global information company that conducts bi-weekly surveys on health trends. Every year since 2009 when NPD started tracking this trend, growth of gluten avoidance has steadily climbed, culminating in 1 in 3 adults now expressing the intention to avoid gluten. Is this a fad or do we have an epidemic of gluten sensitivity? Read More

Lowering Cholesterol With Soluble Fiber – Take The TeeChia Challenge!

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

TeeChia_Water_KettleEver since discovering that Teeccino has 1g of soluble fiber in a cup, I’ve been researching the great health effects attributed to consuming soluble fiber. With a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol that increases with age, I’ve been watching my cholesterol rise each year despite my daily cups of Teeccino. Last year, it crept up to 225 and although my doctor was raising his eyebrows, my “good” HDL cholesterol was still in a high ratio to the LDL “bad” cholesterol. “No statin drugs for me, but what to do if it keeps going up?” I pondered.

This year, my test results amazed even me. For the first time since my 30’s, I was under 200 – well under in fact – at 185 total cholesterol. What had made the difference? I was eating or exercising just the same except for one thing: I had been eating TeeChia pretty much daily for breakfast during the last year. TeeChia is packed full of soluble fiber from chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth and rolled oats.

Wow! The studies showing soluble fiber could lower cholesterol were really true. So I decided to test it on my 88 year old mother who’d been on statin drugs for over 15 year….read more to find out if soluble fiber can beat statin drugs! Read More

The Truth About Breakfast & Weight Loss

Written by: Danielle Edberg

Do you think skipping breakfast is the key to losing weight? If you do, think again.

Numerous studies show that eating breakfast can not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you keep off the weight.

According to members of the National Weight Control Registry, AKA those who have maintained a 30-pound+ weight loss for at least a year, and some as long as six years, 78% reported that they eat breakfast every day. Nearly 90% reported eating breakfast at least 5 times a week. Read More