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Detox with Dandelion and Chicory Roots

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Spring officially arrived on the morning of Tuesday, March 20th marked by the Spring Equinox when light and darkness are equally balanced. Now that the daylight is getting longer everyday, it’s a traditional time for a spring detox program. Recovering from a tough flu season where many people, who are never sick, were felled for weeks, it may be just the thing to revive one’s vitality and rebuild the immune system.

There are lots of detox programs recommending the best way to detox and cleanse. Choosing between those that involve fasting versus those that have a regime for eating cleanly is a decision you need to make depending on what fits your body and your life’s rhythms the best.

Whichever style you choose, detox programs can present a big challenge for many people due to the requirement to refrain from drinking coffee and alcohol. Ok, some number of days without alcohol isn’t that big a deal for most people, but ask a coffee drinker to give up the morning cuppa and boom! Resistance sets in.

Dandelion root, roasted and ground to brew like coffee, and chicory root, the French coffee alternative, can help a coffee drinker get over that hurdle. Along with replacing the taste and body of a cup of coffee, dandelion and chicory roots have detox health benefits that add to a cleansing program. But you have to be careful to prepare ahead of time to make your detox program more effective and more pleasant. Here’s why eliminating caffeine during a detox program is such an important factor and how drinking an herbal coffee made from dandelion and chicory roots can help.

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In Defense of Natural Flavors!

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Confusion reigns across the internet and blogosphere about natural flavors. Really, it is quite amazing what some people will do to excite their followers by amplifying “fake news” and exploiting fear. We get phone calls every day from customers who are suddenly scared that they are ingesting something terrible if they eat or drink a product that contains natural flavors.

In 2013, I wrote what I think is a pretty comprehensive article about natural flavors on our Teeccino blog. It’s a deep read, but worth it if you really want to understand the truth about natural flavors.

Recently though, I realized I could give a couple more good examples of how natural flavors are derived and why they’re safe to consume. I was sipping on a Kombucha beverage that tasted like cherries even though there was no cherry juice or natural cherry flavor on the label. It just so happened that I know exactly how this Kombucha company was hiding its natural cherry flavor in its ingredient list. I thought, this has gone too far. Now natural food companies are too afraid to admit they’re using natural flavors to make their products delicious!

So if some blogger or “medical medium” has led you to believe that natural flavors are full of bad things, please give me a moment of your time to read some real facts about these natural flavor compounds and why we love them to enhance our food and beverages!

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Red Tea, The Fermented, Caffeine-Free Super Herb Tea

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Rooibos Flowers

As my followers know, I’m a huge advocate of getting as many herbs into your diet as possible. Where else can we find a wide biodiversity of unique phyto (plant) nutrients completely unchanged from those consumed by our hunting and gathering prehistoric ancestors? We need our super herbs to protect our health more than ever in this era of toxins polluting our air, water and food!

Let’s take a deep dive into an herb that is so unique, it grows only on the tip of South Africa and even there, only in one small region called Clan William. It’s also the only herbal tea that goes through a fermentation process similar to black tea, which turns its green needles to a deep shade of rusty red.

It also happens to be an herb with which I’m intimately familiar. Back in the late ‘90’s, I brought it to the United State’s tea drinking world after it had been forgotten due to the ban on importing S. African products during Apartheid.

We’re talking about rooibos (pronounced ROY-e-boss), the red tea. Here’s the story about this super herb tea that is the base of the best caffeine-free chai teas including Teeccino Dandelion Red Chai!

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Teresa’s Christmas Cookie Party with Teeccino

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

teresafriendsteeccinoTeresa is a very active Teeccino Ambassador who has been featured on TeeccinoBuzz a few times already since she joined our program earlier this year. Her beach party and World Gym event are two great examples of what a Teeccino Ambassador event can be. This time, Teresa got into the holiday spirit (oh she did!) and shared her latest story with us:

“We had a cookie exchange, so I thought that was the perfect pairing for this festive event. It was a very chilly day outside which makes a warm beverage even more desirable. The event was for adults and kiddos. I had some avid die hard coffee drinkers so my christmas tree was decorated with the samples hanging from mini clothes pins. The guests were so excited to hear about the benefits of Teeccino and that it was caffeine-free. Such a wonderful day to share my love for this company.”

15629058_10210485123116872_1629021551_oThank you, Teresa! We loved your report and the pics – WOW! It makes us so happy that you are enjoying being an Ambassador so much. Your enthusiasm is wonderful to watch, and it’s contagious! We can’t wait to support your next event.

If you love Teeccino and think others you meet will too, can enjoy the perks of being a Teeccino Ambassador – by taking our quick survey! Then we’ll send you a link to our Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its health benefits, hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. It’s easy to request samples online for your event!

We support so many different types of Ambassador events – a sharing opportunity can be anything from church social to a team training…from a book club to your brother’s birthday bash! Join us as an Ambassador for 2017, and have fun sharing Teeccino in your community! We’ll support your events with Teeccino to sip (brew) or share (Tea bag samples). It’s easy, fun and a great way to earn special discounts and fun company swag from Teeccino! Read More

Natural Foods Turns the Tide of Frankenfoods!

Written by: Caroline MacDougall


Caroline in front of New Age Natural Foods circa 1972

The year was 1968. I was a teenager visiting Aspen, Colorado for the summer and I found myself in one of the very first natural food stores in the country. Well, if you can call it a store. It really was just a storage shed filled with barrels of bulk grains that an enterprising hippie had set up to sell whole foods without packaging. I know bulk foods don’t sound too revolutionary now, but let me tell you, there wasn’t anything anywhere like it then.

2015 will go down in history as the year the natural foods movement turned the tide on Big Food’s chemical, mass produced “frankenfoods”. One big company after another is rushing to announce the removal of artificial colors and flavors, food additives and drugs from their products. From fast food giants like McDonalds, who has promised to buy antibiotic-free chicken and added kale to its salads, along with Subway and Panera Bread, fast food menus are being reformed towards healthier ingredients. Sagging sales at Kellogg’s, Kraft, and Nestles, to name just a few, has caused these giant food companies to pivot towards clean, healthy labels. Why? Because their customers are voting with their dollars and they’ve gotten the message at last!

For someone like myself who has been part of this movement since its early days, it’s really stunning to see this change happening so rapidly at last. I invite you to take a trip with me back in time, to see how we got here! Read More

Herbal Coffee at Candace’s Baby Fair

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Candace is a doula and a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who recently helped support an event with Pike’s Peak Doula Association  (PPRDA) at Babies R Us. Candace has shared Teeccino with her own clientele and at other baby fairs, like this baby fair at the army base in June 2013! About this recent event, Candace told us:

“It was a BBRU baby fairaby Fair at Babies R Us and all the vendor tables were spread out on the merchandise floor. Our booth/table was the biggest display so we attracted many expecting parents. The majority of attendees had not heard about herbal coffee and they were excited to try it out, especially hearing that it was safe for pregnancy!”

Wonderful, Candace! Thank you so much for all you do to champion Teeccino and the photo you sequimbyfamilynt of one of your colleagues, VP of Pike’s Peak Doula Association…we appreciate it!. With many testimonials on our site like the Quimby’s (right) about drinking Teeccino during pregnancy, we are thrilled that you continue to to spread the word and introduce new Moms to Teeccino.

Teeccino Ambassadors is a program for our most dedicated fans. You can join us as a Teeccino Ambassador and make requests for samples to share at events – large or small. We’ve sent Teeccino for events like book clubs, office lunches, sci-fi conventions, health fairs, holiday parties and church events!  It’s simple to get started with a quick survey and if selected, we’ll send you a link to watch the Ambassador Webinar online at your convenience!

Become an Ambassador for a fun and easy way to share your love of Teeccino with others…plus special deals, discounts and cool company swag!