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Teeccino Blog

Kay Takes Teeccino to Natural Awakenings NJ Event

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Kay, a health and lifestyle coach and a very active Teeccino Ambassador, told us all about her most recent event sharing Teeccino with a health-conscious crowd –

Mark David, new Teeccino fan!

“Natural Awakenings Magazine of Northern New Jersey & The Cupola joined together to have their very first Healthy Living Presentation in NJ on February 4th, 2017. It was an amazing event that drew out hundreds of people interested in getting awakened with knowledge on ways to improve their total being inclusive of health.”

Kay also told us about one new Teeccino fan she helped make, Mark David, and sent a great pic…

“I met many vibrant and positive folks like Mark David who came all the way from Rhinebeck, NY to enjoy in the day’s Holistic festivities. Mark is a Sound and Vibrational Healing Practitioner who really enjoyed hearing about Teeccino and its many benefits. Dandelion sounded like the perfect match for him, so that was his flavor…”

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Kay’s Day with Doctor Nick, Enjoying Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Doctor Nick, PT – a new fan of Teeccino!

Health & lifestyle coach Kay from New York City takes Teeccino just about everywhere she goes, and has been since 2014! Recently she brought Teeccino to her Physical Therapy Office in Harrison, NY where she introduced it to a few staff members there, but specifically to her own physical therapist, Doctor Nick. Kay told us:

“Doctor Nick started off tasting the French Roast & Dandelion Vanilla Nut and progressed on to
the Regular Dandelion and then Caramel Dandelion Nut and lastly to Hazelnut. He said he enjoyed the fact that it was made with chicory, Ramon seeds, had no caffeine whatsoever, offered up a natural pick-me-up and that the Mediterranean blends were sweetened naturally with dates; the Dandelion offered something special too. Nick admitted that flavor he likes the best is the Dandelion Dark Roast, that is ironically the flavor I was most reluctant to give him. Now that he knows that is indeed his flavor, Nick has now become a true believer and customer.”  Read More

Linda ‘Talks Teeccino’ with Other Therapists

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Linda is a pelvic floor therapist and longtime Teeccino Ambassador who we featured on our blog back in 2014. Recently she shared Teeccino with other pelvic floor therapists at a conference. She told us:

“We hosted a pelvic floor therapy conference here at ProHealth Care in Pewaukee, Wisconsin this past week and served Teeccino. We also handed out samples and explained why we choose to educate our patients on Teeccino’s use. We kept the pot filled and it seemed to have been received well throughout the three days!” Read More

Roxanne’s Really Artistic Ambassador Events!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Roxanne is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador based in Seattle, who is also active in her local art community. She’s been sharing Teeccino since 2013, and told us about her most recent events – a school art night and a small work gathering…

“We had a public art school night for about 125 people, with silk screening, block printing, banner-making, signs, stenciling and more. I was able to introduce Teeccino to soooo many people who had never heard of it. They loved how full-bodied it is, and that the company is socially responsible. I walked through the room with bags, cups, and hot water, talking to people about Teeccino as they chose their flavors.”

Roxanne also shared Teeccino with a small group that same month –

“We had a work party to clean up the Trash Studio (a community center) work site, with dinner afterwards. It was a cold day, and people warmed up with hot mugs of Teeccino. There were lots of comments about the variety of flavors and how yummy it is.” Read More

Lisa Brings Teeccino To The Banquet!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Lisa is a new Teeccino Ambassador and an integrative nutritionist. Though she shares most often with her clientele, last month she brought Teeccino to the local police department’s annual banquet! She gave us the details, and sent in the sweetest photo of mother and son…

“I brought Teeccino to my son’s end of the year banquet at the Police Department. I shared it on the dessert buffet line and it was a big hit! People thought it smelled fabulous and the aroma had more and more people standing in line!”

THANK You for sharing Teeccino at this important event and for the FABulous photo of you and your son, Lisa! <3 We can’t wait to support more of your Ambassador events as a health coach and in your community.

If you love Teeccino and think others you meet will too, can enjoy the perks of being a Teeccino Ambassador – by taking our quick survey! Then we’ll send you a link to our Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its health benefits, hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. It’s easy to request samples online for your event!

We support so many different types of Ambassador events – a sharing opportunity can be anything from church social to a team training…from a book club to your brother’s birthday bash! Join us as an Ambassador and have fun sharing Teeccino in your community! We’ll support your events with Teeccino to sip (brew) or share (Tea bag samples). It’s easy, fun and a great way to earn special discounts and fun company swag from Teeccino!

Kelli Debuts Dandelion Teeccino at Weight Watchers

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Kelli is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who you may have seen here on our blog before! Kelli’s events are always well planned and followed up with great photos and a thorough report. Thank you, Kelli! We really loved your latest feedback:

“I handed out samples at my year end Weight Watcher meetings. The members were excited to try the new Dandelion flavors. It worked so well with our topic of “Me Time”. I encouraged them to sit down and enjoy their cup of tea especially during this cold stretch we have been having here in NY.
Thank you for allowing me to offer these samples each year to my members. They really enjoy them.”

We really enjoy reading about your events each and every year, Kelli! Thanks again for including Teeccino in your holiday and Weight Watchers meeting activities…we’ll be happy to support your next sharing event! Read More