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Teeccino Blog

TeeChia Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

finished mushroomsEvery Thanksgiving I like to make a special vegetarian dish that replaces turkey for those of us at the table who don’t eat it, which includes my sons and myself. This year, with TeeChia to inspire me, I decided to take a favorite dish of my family’s, my marinated Portobello mushrooms, and embellish them with a stuffing featuring TeeChia.
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TeeChia Fresh Berry Cake – Gluten-free & Unsweetened

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

We like to celebrate our birthdays here at Teeccino with something yummy to eat. It’s a nice way for all of us to gather together without the formality of a “company meeting”. But lately, it’s been getting hard to find something that we all want eat. Some of us aren’t eating sugar, some aren’t eating wheat, some aren’t eating dairy. Fruit salad, anyone? That was great in the summer, but now we wanted something more substantial and well…cake-like! Read More

The Truth About Breakfast & Weight Loss

Written by: Danielle Edberg

Do you think skipping breakfast is the key to losing weight? If you do, think again.

Numerous studies show that eating breakfast can not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you keep off the weight.

According to members of the National Weight Control Registry, AKA those who have maintained a 30-pound+ weight loss for at least a year, and some as long as six years, 78% reported that they eat breakfast every day. Nearly 90% reported eating breakfast at least 5 times a week. Read More

Conscious Box – Organic and Natural Products Delivered to Your Door

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

With the cost of organic and environmentally conscious products often a little higher than conventional, it can be difficult to try out all the new items that interest you when you see them on the store shelf.  Who wants to buy a whole box of the latest earth-friendly laundry detergent only to discover it just doesn’t measure up to your usual brand…or purchase a whole bag of healthy snack chips to find the taste is just not for you, and the rest of the bag gets stale somewhere high up in the cupboard? Read More

Amanda’s Review of the Teeccino Ambassador Webinar

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Caroline MacDougall in her kitchen

This month we launched our Teeccino Ambassador program, a way for enthusiastic customers to learn all about Teeccino and share it with their communities at local events.

Caroline MacDougall, Teeccino CEO and founder, presented the most recent webinar on October 4th, and Amanda was kind to share her thoughts on what she learned.

If you are thinking about joining the Ambassador program, please be sure to check out Amanda’s experience for a little preview! Read More