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Teeccino Blog

Ambassadors Make It A Great St. Patty’s!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 11.18.47 AMSt. Patty’s Day usually means going green for the day, some silly pinching and of course, partaking in a little toddy. While all of that is great…our Ambassadors know how to make something great even better with Teeccino! On the 17th, Dawn shared Teeccino at an office potluck, while Kristy held her first in a series of Ambassador events – a ‘vegan supper’ at her church.

About the ‘St. Patrick’s Snack Day’ at work, Dawn told us:

“Everyone was so excited to try Teeccino!!! I was so pleased with the amount of questions my co-workers had about the product. A specific co-worker is no longer able to drink regular coffee due to health issues, she was especially pleased to have found Teeccino!!! YAY!!!” Dawn completed her report with a great conclusion: “I spoke with people as a group and individually, and it was an awesome experience!”

Kristy’s event was a vegan dinner at her church in Knoxville, for about 300 people. Kristy sent this great [video] of the fun vegan evening, and also reported:

“We had ‘Vegan Supper Club’ open to the community and we had a guest vegan chef (Mark Anthony) do the presentation. Gift bags were given to everyone that included coupons, recipes and samples.” 

We are so glad to hear these stories, Dawn and Kristy! Thank you both so much for being Ambassadors, and for sharing Teeccino with your fun-loving co-workers and conscious church-goers.

We just love the way our Ambassadors find new and creative ways to share Teeccino, and are so grateful for everyone’s participation! We know that there are still a few more Ambassadors out there…are you one of them? Complete a brief survey to apply to share Teeccino at your next event!


Roxanne’s Aloha for Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

hawaii wallpapersRoxanne attended our Teeccino Ambassador Webinar in February, and did her first event in Hawaii less than two weeks later!  Right after the presentation, Roxanne wrote us a lovely e-mail and sent in her event request:

“I had a great time learning more about Teeccino. I just really liked the flavor, I had no idea it was such an amazing product. Now I’m even more excited to tell everyone! I’m going to a women’s event in Kona, where I’ll be catering for 20 women. We’ll be there for a week!”

Roxanne wrote us a lovely report after the ladies’ tropical trip:

“The package of Teeccino arrived last Saturday while we were out at the beach. I’d told everyone to expect a special treat for Saturday night after dinner, and 20 women were eagerly waiting for the surprise. Sitting around our dining table, overlooking the surf, I told them about Teeccino’s health benefits, company values, and amazing taste. Then I served it up with raw truffles made with dates, cashews, and cocoa powder. Teeccino and Truffles both got rave reviews and everyone was delighted to get their discount coupons. Teeccino now has new converts in Hawaii, Washington, and British Columbia.”

Thank you so much for being a Teeccino Ambassador, Roxanne!  We love hearing about all the island fun, and are so glad you could share your culinary skills and Teeccino with this awesome group of women. Aloha!

Would you like to be a Teeccino Ambassador? Do you want to share the gift of good health with your friends, family and community? Please complete a brief survey and attend our Webinar – to share Teeccino at your next event!

Gluten Sensitivity: Is This An Epidemic?

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

TeeChia Blueberry Bowl

TeeChia Blueberry Bowl

The number of adults in America who are think they should cut back or avoid gluten-containing foods has grown to 30% as of January 2013 according to a survey by The NPD Group, a global information company that conducts bi-weekly surveys on health trends. Every year since 2009 when NPD started tracking this trend, growth of gluten avoidance has steadily climbed, culminating in 1 in 3 adults now expressing the intention to avoid gluten. Is this a fad or do we have an epidemic of gluten sensitivity? Read More

Ambassador Alea’s ‘No-Caf’ Office Party!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

teeccino+3FNL2For her first Teeccino Ambassador event, Alea shared Teeccino at her husband’s office party with about 40 people! Taking place just a few days after the New Year, it sounds like everyone had health and wellness on their minds. She told us in her report –

“I created a Teeccino display that had Teeccino in the big coffee pot along with the individual packets along with some snacks. People responded very positively – they were surprised about all the benefits and all the coupons and brochures were picked up.  There was nothing left except a couple cups and signs.”

Alea spoke with everyone one-on-one about Teeccino, and we wholeheartedly agreed with her conclusion… Read More

Lowering Cholesterol With Soluble Fiber – Take The TeeChia Challenge!

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

TeeChia_Water_KettleEver since discovering that Teeccino has 1g of soluble fiber in a cup, I’ve been researching the great health effects attributed to consuming soluble fiber. With a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol that increases with age, I’ve been watching my cholesterol rise each year despite my daily cups of Teeccino. Last year, it crept up to 225 and although my doctor was raising his eyebrows, my “good” HDL cholesterol was still in a high ratio to the LDL “bad” cholesterol. “No statin drugs for me, but what to do if it keeps going up?” I pondered.

This year, my test results amazed even me. For the first time since my 30’s, I was under 200 – well under in fact – at 185 total cholesterol. What had made the difference? I was eating or exercising just the same except for one thing: I had been eating TeeChia pretty much daily for breakfast during the last year. TeeChia is packed full of soluble fiber from chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth and rolled oats.

Wow! The studies showing soluble fiber could lower cholesterol were really true. So I decided to test it on my 88 year old mother who’d been on statin drugs for over 15 year….read more to find out if soluble fiber can beat statin drugs! Read More

Tangela – Sharing Teeccino on Sunday!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Tangela and her group enjoying Teeccino together!

We are so honored that as a new Teeccino Ambassador, Tangela shared Teeccino with her church group in New Jersey earlier this month. Right after the event, Tangela sent us a report and even quotes of feedback she received!  As it turns out, her Senior Minister was already familiar with Teeccino…as Tangela tells us:

“I held my first Ambassador event on Sunday, February 3rd. I am the hospitality coordinator for the ministerial staff at my church and they were my first group. Our Senior Minister is one who shares with us about our spiritual health and natural health.  He had introduced us to Teeccino a few years ago and I am reintroducing it!  It is catching on! Below are some of the reviews from our event. Looking forward to more!” Read More