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Teeccino Blog

The Truth About Breakfast & Weight Loss

Written by: Danielle Edberg

Do you think skipping breakfast is the key to losing weight? If you do, think again.

Numerous studies show that eating breakfast can not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you keep off the weight.

According to members of the National Weight Control Registry, AKA those who have maintained a 30-pound+ weight loss for at least a year, and some as long as six years, 78% reported that they eat breakfast every day. Nearly 90% reported eating breakfast at least 5 times a week. Read More

Conscious Box – Organic and Natural Products Delivered to Your Door

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

With the cost of organic and environmentally conscious products often a little higher than conventional, it can be difficult to try out all the new items that interest you when you see them on the store shelf.  Who wants to buy a whole box of the latest earth-friendly laundry detergent only to discover it just doesn’t measure up to your usual brand…or purchase a whole bag of healthy snack chips to find the taste is just not for you, and the rest of the bag gets stale somewhere high up in the cupboard? Read More

Amanda’s Review of the Teeccino Ambassador Webinar

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Caroline MacDougall in her kitchen

This month we launched our Teeccino Ambassador program, a way for enthusiastic customers to learn all about Teeccino and share it with their communities at local events.

Caroline MacDougall, Teeccino CEO and founder, presented the most recent webinar on October 4th, and Amanda was kind to share her thoughts on what she learned.

If you are thinking about joining the Ambassador program, please be sure to check out Amanda’s experience for a little preview! Read More

Is Coffee A Health Food?

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

These days, there are lots of articles in the media on yet another disease that drinking coffee is supposed to protect you from.  The coffee industry has funded many analyses of the diet of large groups of people, called “epidemiological” studies, to show that people who drink lots of coffee have lower incidence of various diseases. This type of study doesn’t prove that coffee drinking is the cause of the lower incidence of disease, it just shows an association. Read More

4 Tips to Create Satiety For Appetite Control

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

My previous post on “satiety” or as I define it, satisfied fullness, explained the two theories behind what creates satiety and why I find them most unsatisfying!

If you’re going to stick with a low calorie diet to lose weight, achieving satiety has to be both delicious and satisfying or you’ll quit. My own experience has shown that eating soluble fiber is the best way to create satiety while keeping your calorie count low.

To follow up, I thought I should suggest different ways to create satiety throughout the day. Read More

Dr. Hyman’s The Blood Sugar Solution

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

If there is one thing you’ve heard me say time and again in my newsletters, it is that stable blood sugar is key to optimal health. I was browsing books at Costco – both our Border’s and Barnes & Noble stores shut down here in Santa Barbara! – when my attention was caught by the title, The Blood Sugar Solution. Not thinking I had much to learn about my favorite subject, I bought Dr. Mark Hyman’s book anyway to see what his advice would be. Read More