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Teeccino Blog

Tangela – Sharing Teeccino on Sunday!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Tangela and her group enjoying Teeccino together!

We are so honored that as a new Teeccino Ambassador, Tangela shared Teeccino with her church group in New Jersey earlier this month. Right after the event, Tangela sent us a report and even quotes of feedback she received!  As it turns out, her Senior Minister was already familiar with Teeccino…as Tangela tells us:

“I held my first Ambassador event on Sunday, February 3rd. I am the hospitality coordinator for the ministerial staff at my church and they were my first group. Our Senior Minister is one who shares with us about our spiritual health and natural health.  He had introduced us to Teeccino a few years ago and I am reintroducing it!  It is catching on! Below are some of the reviews from our event. Looking forward to more!” Read More

Janett’s “Tee” Party for Friends and Family!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Janett’s sister and Janett (R) preparing the goodies!

Just a few days after attending our first Webinar, Janett sent in her event application and let us know what she was planning – a cozy little party at her sister’s home to share Teeccino with friends and family!  Janett actually was the very first Teeccino Ambassador to make an official event request!  Here’s what she told us about the afternoon party…

“I had the event at my sister’s house which is beautiful. There was a great Q&A period that I WISH my husband had gotten photos of! There was an overwhelmingly positive reaction.  Everyone loved the brewed Teeccino and REALLY loved the single-serving bags!”

Well, perhaps your husband was too busy drinking Teeccino to take pictures during the Q&A…but we love the photos you did send, Janett! Check out the Teeccino station, those caramel apples and snack bowls! It is a lovely setting and we really enjoyed the photos of your guests (below).  It looks like it was Read More

Melinda – A Very Active Ambassador!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

MELINDAJACH2Melinda was one of the very first to come on board when we asked our Facebook community, “Are You A Teeccino Ambassador?“…and she has been busy ever since! With two events so far, her debut as an Ambassador was at a party at her home for 30 guests, then just a few weeks ago Melinda represented Teeccino at a hospital wellness event for over 400 attendees!  In a short time Melinda has already introduced hundreds of her fellow Texans to Teeccino, and she has two Ambassador events planned next month at her church service and a local store!

Melinda told us about her first event at her home: “The party went well. Everybody was willing to try the product. Some aren’t coffee drinkers so they didn’t know what to compare it to. The coffee drinkers were excited about all the flavors and the fact that it doesn’t have acid.”   

Melinda’s second Ambassador outing was a free women’s health and wellness event, For Women For Life, offering education on healthy living and organized by Baylor Health Hospitals. In fact it was the hospital’s 10th Anniversary of the event! Melinda approached an organizer early-on to see how she could participate as an Ambassador… Read More

Clara’s Class – Making Music with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

clarahuang-1finWhen Clara sent us her Teeccino Ambassador event request, we loved that it was a Christmas piano recital, by schoolchildren for their proud parents and music teacher, Clara!  With 40 people at the post-concert reception, it was the perfect size gathering for Clara to brew Teeccino to serve, as well as provide the performers and concert-goers Tee-bag samples to take home!

We appreciate all the details Clara sent us after the event! Read on for her lovely write-up about the kids’ concert and reception:

“I am pleased to report to fellow Ambassadors and Teeccino lovers that my official debut as a Teeccino Ambassador happened this past Saturday at my students’ annual recital. Read More

Misty – An Ambassador for Health in her Community

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

ambassadorCARTOONslogan1-yellowSince we launched the Teeccino Ambassador program last August, we’ve been asking the big question, “Are You A Teeccino Ambassador?“, and have been amazed at the response from our Teeccino community!  Now, almost six months later, we want to share with you how much fun we’ve had with this pioneer group of Ambassadors, like Misty of Big Clifty, KY.  Misty is a fantastic example of someone who is personally invested in the health of her community!

Misty has been an Ambassador since November when she joined us for our Webinar.  She has done two events so far, both of them health fairs and some of the largest events we’ve ever had in the Ambassador program!  We so appreciate Misty’s dedication to sharing Teeccino with her health-conscious community members, and here’s what she told us about her first event at her community center…

Read More

Fructose vs. Glucose: Satisfying the Brain’s Appetite Center

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

504d67769b4ee_brain_sugar_v3-680x320Obesity, as we all know, is on the rise here in the US. Over a third of all adult Americans along with 17% of children and adolescents are now obese. Though there are many reasons for increased weight gain including too little exercise from our sedentary modern lifestyle, researchers are pointing the finger at fructose, a sugar found in many soft drinks sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (55% fructose) and health foods sweetened with agave syrup (90% fructose). Read More