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4 Tips to Create Satiety For Appetite Control

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

My previous post on “satiety” or as I define it, satisfied fullness, explained the two theories behind what creates satiety and why I find them most unsatisfying!

If you’re going to stick with a low calorie diet to lose weight, achieving satiety has to be both delicious and satisfying or you’ll quit. My own experience has shown that eating soluble fiber is the best way to create satiety while keeping your calorie count low.

To follow up, I thought I should suggest different ways to create satiety throughout the day. Read More

Dr. Hyman’s The Blood Sugar Solution

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

If there is one thing you’ve heard me say time and again in my newsletters, it is that stable blood sugar is key to optimal health. I was browsing books at Costco – both our Border’s and Barnes & Noble stores shut down here in Santa Barbara! – when my attention was caught by the title, The Blood Sugar Solution. Not thinking I had much to learn about my favorite subject, I bought Dr. Mark Hyman’s book anyway to see what his advice would be. Read More

Welcome To The Teeccino Buzz Blog!

Written by: Danielle Edberg

Thank you for visiting Teeccino’s new blog, The Teeccino Buzz…Naturally! We hope our posts on cutting edge health news, recommendations for products, books and things we love, Caroline’s musing as she travels the world to develop new trade and creates new products, and the latest doings at Teeccino will become your favorite resource and inspiration for achieving optimal health.

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