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A Health Tip For Your Workout

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Did you know that caffeine can interfere with building muscle strength? Though it may produce a temporary lift to your metabolism, caffeine also triggers the “flight or fight” syndrome by releasing cortisol, the stress hormone that destabilizes your blood sugar by stimulating the release of glucose from your liver and muscles. Your pancreas responds by spiking insulin to deal with the excess sugar, which subsequently leaves you in the middle of an energy crash caused by low blood sugar.

Elevated cortisol leads to muscle tissue breakdown as the body converts the protein in muscle to readily available energy. All this is necessary so you can run away from danger like the saber toothed tigers our prehistoric ancestors faced. If you’re running a marathon, caffeine can be helpful for a short term burst of energy. However, if you’re trying to build strength and maintain muscle mass, caffeine is working against your goals by depressing  testosterone, human growth hormone and DHEA. Read More

Teeccino Herbal Coffee: The Perfect Solution For “Too Much Caffeine”

Written by: Danielle Edberg

Coffee addicts find there is a healthy way to cut back on caffeine painlessly with natural caffeine-free Teeccino Herbal Coffee, America’s top-selling coffee alternative that gives a natural energy boost

Teeccino Herbal Coffee was recently featured on a national TV show as the perfect solution for “too much caffeine”. When a guest in the audience complained that she was addicted to caffeine, a well-known doctor recommended she drink Teeccino when she’s had too much caffeine. Read More