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Organic Certification: Why It’s So important

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

organic-foodsI’ve heard a lot of confusion from natural food shoppers as to whether or not organic certification is valid and whether it is really necessary. September is National Organic Month. In honor of it, I’d like to take a moment to tell you why I’ve worked so hard to obtain organic certification for Teeccino’s ingredients both in the US and in foreign countries. I’d like to reveal the controversy over pesticide, insecticide and other toxic chemical testing that makes testing food ingredients so important. If you have any doubt in your mind about whether you should support organic certification, let me help dispel it with the stories of my experiences searching for the healthiest ingredients and discovering why organic certification and laboratory testing is so necessary! Read More

TeeChia Banana Cream Pie – Vegan!

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

photo 5These hot summer days can cause bananas to ripen faster than they can be eaten. Five bananas with rapidly spreading brown spots on their skins inspired me to think of something delicious I could make before the compost pile claimed them. Banana Cream Pie, I thought, why I haven’t eaten one in years and years!

How to make a Banana Cream Pie that has some great nutrients in it besides bananas? How about one that is vegan instead of dairy based? How about one that has very little sweetener because the sweetness comes from so many bananas? But with so many bananas, how do you get the pie to have body that isn’t mushy? I knew of just the thing – TeeChia Sustained Energy Cereal to make the pie thick, rich tasting and nutritious plus chia seeds and coconut cream to replace the dairy. This pie is quick and easy to make and will absolutely delight every taste bud in your family! Read More

Detox Programs, Caffeine and Coffee

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Alkalline-vege-body-1284780XSmallMany people, who are about to embark on a detox program, find the hardest part is giving up caffeine during their cleanse. Understanding the reasons why caffeine interferes with detoxing can help motivate people to face their caffeine habit and take a break from it for the duration of the cleanse.

Preparing for detoxing off of caffeine is an important first step to embark on two weeks before the start of the cleansing program so painful caffeine withdrawal symptoms don’t spoil the detox experience. Teeccino’s gradual weaning program helps people avoid caffeine withdrawal and provides a delicious replacement for coffee drinking during the detox program.

Here are the three top reasons why quitting coffee and being caffeine free is such an important part of any detox program: Read More

“Caffeinated” Challenges the Caffeine Industry

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

caffeinatedA new book, Caffeinated, by Murray Carpenter, a journalist with a masters degree in environmental studies, focuses on the caffeine industry and how it has held the US government in check since 1909, fighting any attempt by the FDA to regulate caffeine in beverages. The story of how Coca Cola fought off early attempts to regulate how much caffeine could be put into beverages, how they then claimed it was only a flavoring ingredient, and now how they dumped that argument to jump on the “energy” drink bandwagon is fascinating and disturbing. Read More

Caroline MacDougall Featured On Fox News’ “A Healthy You & Carol Alt” Show!

Written by: Anna Jordon

Carol_Alt_Set2Caroline just got back from taping a segment for Carol Alt’s “A Healthy You” national TV show on Fox News.
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The Ramón Seed Story

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Caroline_CobaJust a few weeks ago, while vacationing in the Yucatan, I explored Cobá, the ancient ruin of one of the largest and most powerful city states of the Mayan civilization. Much of Cobá is still forested as the ruins cover over 80 kilometers. Guess what tree I found in abundance growing out of the unexcavated ruins? Ramón trees! And they were dropping their fruit that contains the seed that gives Teeccino’s Maya flavors – French Roast, Chocolaté and Dandelion Dark Roast – their depth of coffee-like flavor


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