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Red Tea, The Fermented, Caffeine-Free Super Herb Tea

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Rooibos Flowers

As my followers know, I’m a huge advocate of getting as many herbs into your diet as possible. Where else can we find a wide biodiversity of unique phyto (plant) nutrients completely unchanged from those consumed by our hunting and gathering prehistoric ancestors? We need our super herbs to protect our health more than ever in this era of toxins polluting our air, water and food!

Let’s take a deep dive into an herb that is so unique, it grows only on the tip of South Africa and even there, only in one small region called Clan William. It’s also the only herbal tea that goes through a fermentation process similar to black tea, which turns its green needles to a deep shade of rusty red.

It also happens to be an herb with which I’m intimately familiar. Back in the late ‘90’s, I brought it to the United State’s tea drinking world after it had been forgotten due to the ban on importing S. African products during Apartheid.

We’re talking about rooibos (pronounced ROY-e-boss), the red tea. Here’s the story about this super herb tea that is the base of the best caffeine-free chai teas including Teeccino Dandelion Red Chai!

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Holiday Dessert Pairings

Written by: Anna Jordon

Giving Thanks for You!

To show our appreciation to all of you who love Teeccino and support our mission, here are some delicious parings of holiday desserts that work well with some of our favorite Teeccino flavors. Please enjoy these recipes with your friends and family along with easy-to-prepare festive cups of Teeccino!

May this Thanksgiving provide you with many moments in which to give thanks for those who fill your life with love and caring and may you find quiet moments in which to feel heartfelt gratitude for all the countless reasons your life is blessed!

With gratefulness,

Teeccino Team


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Teeccino Debuts New Dandelion Flavors at Bhakti Fest!

Written by: Melissa Russell


The Teeccino team has been very busy this year! Shakti Fest and Bhakti Fest were the biggest festivals we participated in, near beautiful Joshua Tree National Park in California. Shakti Fest, smaller than Bhakti, took place May 13-15, and Bhakti Fest was held September 8-11. If you haven’t heard of them, these are the premier yoga, sacred music and personal growth festivals in the county, drawing thousands of health conscious people every year.

Teeccino had our usual prime location right next to the Buddha statue and the pathway to the main stage.

Caroline MacDougall - Teeccino, TeeChia and Tea Nitro Creator & CEO!

Caroline MacDougall – Teeccino, TeeChia and Tea Nitro Creator & CEO!

We served hot and cold cups of Teeccino and showcased our four brand new Dandelion Flavors: Dandelion Coconut, Dandelion Red Chai, Dandelion Mocha Mint and Dandelion Turmeric. Everyone absolutely loved the new flavors and we are excited to launch them in-stores at the beginning of the year.

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Rae Revs Up Her Yoga Class With Teeccino!

Written by: Anna Jordon

college-students-clinking-coffee-cups--300x199Each month, our dedicated ambassador Rae loves serving Teeccino Herbal Coffee to her students to help keep them energized throughout their yoga class! Read More

Two great Expos, one fun weekend!

Written by: Anna Jordon

photo 3Our Teeccino Herbal Coffee and TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal event teams were in full force over this past weekend! Read More