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Barbara’s Been Recruiting Carpenters…and Coffee Shops!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Barbara just got started as a Teeccino Ambassador, and has been making many new Teeccino fans already! She sent us great pics of a fellow coffee-shop goer where she shared Teeccino during a meeting – and two new Teeccino fans from her construction crew! She told us about sharing Teeccino at the coffee shop –

“Sharing a picture from a recent meeting where I passed out Teeccino samples. The cafe owner let me leave a dozen samples next to their cash register. But he wouldn’t let me take his picture with the samples because he’s an avid coffee drinker…”

Then a simple message with a pic of her contractors…

“Recruiting carpenters from coffee to Teeccino lovers…👌🏽”

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TeeChia Berry Crisp

Written by: Anna Jordon

summer-berry-crisp003smWhat’s more enticing than a delicious berry crisp? One with a crispy crust made with TeeChia! With the added crunch from TeeChia’s 6 super seeds, this dessert brings you the satisfied fullness and health benefits of TeeChia Gluten-Free Cereal.

Enjoy this bright berry crisp warm from the oven, topped with a scoop of vanilla, cinnamon, or caramel ice cream!

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Holiday Dessert Pairings

Written by: Anna Jordon

Giving Thanks for You!

To show our appreciation to all of you who love Teeccino and support our mission, here are some delicious parings of holiday desserts that work well with some of our favorite Teeccino flavors. Please enjoy these recipes with your friends and family along with easy-to-prepare festive cups of Teeccino!

May this Thanksgiving provide you with many moments in which to give thanks for those who fill your life with love and caring and may you find quiet moments in which to feel heartfelt gratitude for all the countless reasons your life is blessed!

With gratefulness,

Teeccino Team


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Michelle’s Thanksgiving Teeccino Tasting!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Michele with her Thanksgiving Teeccino-Tasters!

Michelle became a Teeccino Ambassador in October, and sent us her first event request, for a family Thanksgiving gathering. She told us:

“As this will be my first time presenting Teeccino, I thought sharing it with my health-conscious family members would be a great start. I have a brother and several in-laws on the Paleo plan and several nieces and nephews who are gluten free.”

After her event, Michelle shared:

“We enjoyed sampling Teeccino at Thanksgiving and as mentioned, much of my family subscribes to a gluten-free diet plan.  Fortunately, some do not have allergies and were able to sample other flavors in addition to the dandelion (gf) options.  In addition to the samples you sent, I had purchased a large variety of boutique flavors and those were the biggest hit. The tee-bags received the most favorable feedback.  Two of my guests suggested Teeccino tastes more like a tea than a coffee (personally, I disagree)…”
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Cranberry Apple Gluten-Free Vegetarian Stuffing With TeeChia

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Untitled-7Stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving dish. Combined with gravy, it makes everyone’s mouth water, don’t you agree? Since I’m not a turkey eater though, I specialize in making vegetarian stuffing that tastes as rich and savory as any stuffing baked in a turkey.

This year, in honor of “free from” dietary needs, I decided to make my stuffing gluten-free which can be easily accomplished by using corn bread croutons instead of wheat bread. Except corn bread doesn’t stick together since it’s missing wheat’s gluten. The normal solution would be to add eggs but they aren’t vegan and they also don’t add any interesting flavor or texture to the stuffing. Let’s face it, corn bread has to be enhanced or it could be quite boring! Read More

Detox Programs, Caffeine and Coffee

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Alkalline-vege-body-1284780XSmallMany people, who are about to embark on a detox program, find the hardest part is giving up caffeine during their cleanse. Understanding the reasons why caffeine interferes with detoxing can help motivate people to face their caffeine habit and take a break from it for the duration of the cleanse.

Preparing for detoxing off of caffeine is an important first step to embark on two weeks before the start of the cleansing program so painful caffeine withdrawal symptoms don’t spoil the detox experience. Teeccino’s gradual weaning program helps people avoid caffeine withdrawal and provides a delicious replacement for coffee drinking during the detox program.

Here are the three top reasons why quitting coffee and being caffeine free is such an important part of any detox program: Read More