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Red Tea, The Fermented, Caffeine-Free Super Herb Tea

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Rooibos Flowers

As my followers know, I’m a huge advocate of getting as many herbs into your diet as possible. Where else can we find a wide biodiversity of unique phyto (plant) nutrients completely unchanged from those consumed by our hunting and gathering prehistoric ancestors? We need our super herbs to protect our health more than ever in this era of toxins polluting our air, water and food!

Let’s take a deep dive into an herb that is so unique, it grows only on the tip of South Africa and even there, only in one small region called Clan William. It’s also the only herbal tea that goes through a fermentation process similar to black tea, which turns its green needles to a deep shade of rusty red.

It also happens to be an herb with which I’m intimately familiar. Back in the late ‘90’s, I brought it to the United State’s tea drinking world after it had been forgotten due to the ban on importing S. African products during Apartheid.

We’re talking about rooibos (pronounced ROY-e-boss), the red tea. Here’s the story about this super herb tea that is the base of the best caffeine-free chai teas including Teeccino Dandelion Red Chai!

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Skye’s Work Birthday with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

skyeambassadorteeccinohellokitty1Skye recently took our questionaire to become a Teeccino Ambassador and did her first Ambassador event at a work birthday party just the other day. We so enjoyed her detailed report! Skye told us:

“I decided to have my event at work with some co-workers while celebrating one of their birthdays! I got people who aren’t really coffee drinkers to try it and they liked it!”

“Most importantly I loved sharing information about it with two of the ladies because one can’t have caffeine, but loves coffee and the other one has IBS problems…both are things that I learned from the webinar as great reasons to share and try Teeccino. They were both very intrigued by the product for this reason. I felt most successful when I got to share the benefits of Teeccino with people it could really benefit!” Read More

Kelli Touts Teeccino at Weight Watchers!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Kelli has been a Teeccino Ambassador since 2013. Thanks, Kelli!

Kelli has been a Teeccino Ambassador since 2013.

Kelli, an Ambassador since 2013, recently talked about Teeccino and gave samples at a Weight Watchers meeting she organized. Kelli told us:

“Everyone was so excited to try the samples. Some said they were looking for a soothing afternoon – evening way to treat themselves. They liked that unlike coffee, they can drink this anytime of the day. They were also impressed with the flavors. The Vanilla Nut and Chocolate went very fast. We had 22 people at our meeting today.”

“Thank you for again allowing me to share Teeccino with others. I truly enjoy telling people all of the benefits of this product.”

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Zdilla Chiropractic Makes The Case for Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

zdillaAmy Zdilla, of Zdilla Family Chiropractic in Belle Vernon, PA reported back recently to tell us how it’s been going…both sharing and selling Teeccino – that they purchase through a distributor – at their office. She told us in her report:

“At our chiropractic office, we had a big Black Friday event with sales on our supplements and products and also offered samples of Teeccino and gave patients and shoppers gluten-free chocolate chip cookies as they were shopping. It was a great day in the office and we had a lot of fun! Some bought Teeccino for themselves and others bought for gifts. People were excited to get samples and loved our coffee/tea station we set up! Some raved about it but some of the true coffee drinkers were hesitant. Some had heard of herbal coffee, but never tried it…and no one really heard of Teeccino before. We told patients we were excited to offer a healthier option that tastes just like coffee! Overall it was a success!!”

“We have Teeccino samplings everyday in our office since we received our samples a few months ago.  We have our designated coffee/tea bar as we call it.  Everyday we have hot water in the Teeccino carafe and a display of the samples.  I find myself talking about it daily to our patients.  It is great to have in the office now especially with the temps being colder, everyone wants something warm to drink.”

That’s fantastic, Amy! We were also excited to hear about your new ventures too… Read More

DeAnna Does it Again with Teeccino

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

Multi-generational Tea Party!

DeAnna’s multi-generational Tea Time!

DeAnna is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who shares Teeccino at her health classes, and most recently, a tea party at her church. She told us:

I always include Teeccino and its awesome properties in my health classes. My passion is to educate people on how to have the best health naturally – and Teeccino is a wonderful source of healthy pleasure. My latest event was a multi-generational tea party for our small congregation. I offered several different types of teas along with a nice sampling of Teeccino Tee-bags. Before the party started I spoke to the whole group about Teeccino and its health benefits and good taste. Many of them went home with extra samples, excited about adding this great product to their daily lives.”

Wonderful, DeAnna. We are always so happy to hear about the many ways you share Teeccino and appreciate the wonderful pics you sent this time too! Read More

Amanda – An Artistic Teeccino Ambassador

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

The ladies of LowCountry Eclectic

The ladies of LowCountry Eclectic

Amanda, a Teeccino Ambassador since the start of our program in 2012, has recently launched a successful essential oil jewelry line – LowCountry Eclectic on Etsy, and via her own website. As a longtime fan of our herbal coffee, Amanda is now sharing Teeccino samples via her online store. For the past few months, Amanda has been including a sample of Teeccino with orders for new customers. Amanda and her family team up to create their jewelry and run their site, which sells original and custom wood slice diffuser jewelry.

Some of their most popular pieces include the Infinity bracelet, Tree of Life necklace, “statement” necklaces…and there so many other creative designs. The story of how they started is unique…having recently relocated to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Amanda and her family discovered a world of limitless beauty right in their neighborhood – which is also home to a national forest. Amanda explained that the many fallen branches she and her family would find when going outside after it rained became the inspiration for a line of beautiful and functional essential oil jewelry. Amanda, her husband and her daughter work together to create numerous pieces, which always include essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs in each beautifully packaged box.

Amanda and LowCountry Eclectic are also very active on Instagram and have posted some amazing shots with Teeccino like this one – Read More