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Andrea Invites Friends to Taste Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti


Andrea has been an Ambassador since June of last year and has done a number of fun events sharing Teeccino. Andrea shared her experience about serving Teeccino at a party, and also sent the most wonderful pics! She told us:

“It was a get-together with friends. Everyone really enjoyed the products. They were surprised how good the different flavors were. We used the Tee-bag versions at the party and I gave out the brew type samples to the guests. The boutique flavors were a big hit. I was really happy everyone enjoyed them.”
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Michelle Helps Campus Celebrate Earth Day with Teeccino!

Written by: Ashley Vincenti

teeccino at ED Fair

Michelle’s fellow students tasting Teeccino!

Michelle has been a Teeccino Ambassador since October of last year after watching our online Webinar. We featured her first event, Michelle’s Thanksgiving Teeccino Tasting here on our blog. Michelle recently staged a booth dedicated to Teeccino at the Earth Day Fair at St. Joseph’s College on April 22nd. We were thrilled that she planned to included us in the event, and loved her feedback! Michelle told us in her report:

“Thankfully, the weather cooperated and a fun time was had by all. Approximately 200 guests visited the quad and enjoyed food and festivities in honor of Earth Day. Teeccino was a big hit among students, faculty and staff. An informal poll suggests the flavored varieties (specifically Vanilla Nut and Chocolate) were among the favorites. Some wandered to my table because they were drawn by the aroma of a Vanilla Nut Tee-Bag hitting hot water! A handful of guests with food allergies were thrilled to discover that a few of the Tee-Bags offer a risk free alternative to other beverages.”

It looks like a well-attended event and we so appreciate you sharing Teeccino at this occasion on all-important Earth Day! We also love the photos you sent, Michelle. Thank you so much….we’ll be happy to support your next Teeccino Ambassador event! Read More

Grace Wows her Co-Workers and Yoga Class with Teeccino!

Written by: Anna Jordon

coffee break-resized-600Grace really went the distance: our dedicated Teeccino ambassador not only served our Mocha, Dandelion Vanilla Nut and Chocolaté flavors at work, but also turned on her yoga class as well! Read More

Misty’s Salon gets Groomed with Teeccino!

Written by: Anna Jordon

image12-600x413Besides having her clients get a hair cut, our Teeccino Ambassador Misty served Vanilla Nut and Hazelnut Teeccino to help her clients cut out caffeine at her salon! Read More

Jen Treks with Teeccino and TeeChia at the Hiker Fair!

Written by: Anna Jordon

BzrH6HjIAAAFyjnOur Teeccino Ambassador Jen is an avid hiker and wanted to turn on other hikers to both Teeccino and TeeChia at a recent fair. It was a walk of success as both products were embraced! Read More

In Search of a Caffeine-free, Sugar-Free Latte

Written by: Caroline MacDougall

Heart-Cup#2-2672454MediumThere are moments when you’re out & about that a nice hot latte would be just the thing. Only please make mine caffeine free and sugar free! Now if you could order a cup of Teeccino at a coffee bar, you would have a perfect, delicious full-bodied latte. After all, that’s what inspired me to create Teeccino to begin with – you can hear it in the name – I wanted a caffeine-free cappuccino or latte please!

Sad to say, most coffee bars haven’t yet figured out that there are customers like all of us Teeccino lovers, who don’t want a cup filled with caffeine and sugar. My adventure in search of just such a latte last Saturday morning, when I found myself with an hour to spare before my yoga class, illustrates how hard it is to find this. Read More